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Smart Home Security Systems

iv smart home security experts assess what your home needs. From alarms and CCTV to smart locking systems, liv brings you leading security systems that are discreetly and seamlessly installed in your space.

Smart Home Security That Protects The People and Things You Love

Protect Your Home

Protect, detect and record with smart home security.

Protect Loved-Ones

Protect your loved ones while they sleep when you’re home or away.

Remote Checkin

By app check in on your home and your assets.

Smart Security CCTV

liv installs secure smart home security systems that are remotely accessible, as well as 360 coverage, motion detection and night vision. These systems record and store footage for peace of mind.

Have 24/7 peace of mind with liv security experts

Smart Security Alarms

Detect unusual movements and happenings whether home or away with smart home security alarms. Whether silent or audible, protect your home and link to the emergency services with security alarms.

Keep your home protected with liv security systems.

Smart Locking Systems

Protect your home and personal belongings with smart locking. Front doors, gates and other access ways can be monitored and controlled through keypad locks, fingerprint and facial recognition.

Control access to your home with liv smart locking.

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Why choose us?

liv smart home experts have been trusted for over ten years to design, install and maintain their smart systems. From family homes to second homes and new apartments, liv look after multiple spaces for their clients, giving you faith that liv are the right choice. 


Set the mood for precious moments. Change the way you experience light. 


Find out how smart control can help you live life in perfect balance.  


Your temperature, at your command. liv in comfort no matter the season.


Home or away, stay secure with liv. Remote security anywhere, anytime. 


Experience audiovisual like never before. Be immersed in the moment.


liv here, liv now indulging you and your family in the entertainment you love. 

Smart Home

Home automation designed to simplify life. Set the tone for your day, every day. From inspired and joyous, to thrilled and excited, smart home it’s all about you.

Smart Business

Putting your ambition at the forefront, our smart business technology ensures total reliability and ease of use, elevating everyday productivity across your business.

Smart Marine

Bring your identity onboard with smart marine technology, ensuring exploring and entertaining around the world’s oceans, continents and cultures is an enhanced pleasure.