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Luxury Smart Penthouse

Location: London

Project Type: Complete Home Automation

Full smart home automation system including lighting & shading, security, indoor & outdoor audio-visual, and climate control.

Luxury Smart Penthouse

Complete Smart Home Installation

Having already worked with this client on another property they owned, they brought us in to fully automate their new purchase: three penthouse apartments that were being knocked into one. As we had proven ourselves as excellent and reliable integrators on their previous property, we worked with the client and interior designers (DK Interiors and Anastasia Antonova Design) to integrate the technology as seamlessly as possible.

Audio Visual System

Project Process

The design and consultancy stage of this project was lengthy and thorough. Our client understood that technology was needed to bring their vision to life, but they didn’t know how.

The early stages of the process were educational in explaining why the technology we were discussing was recommended. For example, the motorised shading. The property was going to include around 40 windows – some of which were large skylights (the largest measuring 6x4m). As the client was not going to be spending a majority of the year in this property, it was necessary that the temperature of the space could be controlled remotely, especially in the summer months. Even though climate control was to be installed throughout, it is far better to prevent heat building up using shades, than to artificially cool down a room that is overheating. The greenhouse effect from these large skylights meant these shades were necessary and remote control would essential so the property could be properly maintained when unoccupied.

We worked alongside the interior designers and architects to install totally hidden blinds (when open) so as to not upset the aesthetic of the stunning glass ceiling areas.

Technologies Used

Lighting & Shading



Key Features

There were several standout features that the client wanted to highlight and put focus on. Firstly, the wine cave. As a stunning piece of design, it was our job to ensure this space could be monitored remotely with capacity to adjust the temperature and humidity for the wines, and monitor security.

Secondly, the roof terrace was a space the client loved. Their vision was for this space to be an entertaining hub, complete with surround sound speaker system, a large TV display screen, heaters, and lighting. This was brought to life and supported by the Savant automation system installed throughout the entire property so everything could be controlled and changed within the app, remote or wall panel.

A rare and unique space in this project is the Yoga room. Designed to be a space for peace and relaxation, this is a dedicated room that features an automated waterfall that we also linked into the Savant system.

In the dedicated gym, a slightly different sound system installed in the gym - designed to have an enhanced surround sound experience.

The lighting was a particular point of consideration during this project as the client wanted to display and accentuate their art collection and certain artefacts. The right lighting for this was key to keep the focus on the pieces, catering for the fact some of the walls had very high ceilings.

The interior designers were naturally not keen on having equipment all over the place during the construction and design phase, so we centralised everything into one laundry/comms room to keep it hidden and tidy.

Clients Feedback

A great testament to our success in this project is that it was not our first project with this client, and we continue to maintain the property today.

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83 Baker St, Marylebone London

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